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Sexuality is a natural aspect of human life, and celebrating it positively is essential for healthy relationships. To promote this, SexDays.org encourages the celebration of sex-positive national days, such as National Sex Week. We’re a platform dedicated to the promotion of healthy sexual relationships and sharing experiences and opinions.

National Sex Week is just one of many sex-positive national days that we promote. Other events include Stripper Appreciation Day, National Anal Sex Day, and National Oral Sex Day. Each of these events has its unique focus, but all aim to promote sex positivity and healthy sexual relationships.

A focal point for positivity

SexDays.org encourages users to share their stories and experiences on social media, our aim is to unite people under a banner for open and honest conversations about sex.

Rick McNeely—Founder of SexDays.org

Sexual education is also an essential part of the website’s mission. The site provides access to resources and information about sexual health, safety, and wellness. Users can learn about contraception, sexual health clinics, and other useful resources to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Everyone is welcome

SexDays.org is dedicated to inclusivity. The platform promotes the celebration of sex positivity in all forms, including different sexual orientations, genders, and cultures. The site aims to create an inclusive community where everyone can share their experiences and feel welcome.

Our goal is to promote a culture of sex positivity and encourage healthy relationships. It is an exciting and valuable addition to the online community, promoting open and honest conversations about sexuality and promoting safe and healthy sexual practices.